Terms of Service

Bulk Order Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to any Bulk Order purchaser (“Authorized Reseller”) of Tiny Cloud branded materials. Tiny Cloud reserves the right to update these terms and conditions, from time to time, in its sole discretion.

Bulk Order Disclaimers

  1. Each item is carefully curated to align color, size, shape, and style by lot. Although Tiny Cloud uses all efforts to be thorough, any items ordered might vary slightly from the product pictures due to the nature of items being 100% handmade to order. 
  2. The sale of any items pursuant to these terms and conditions shall not establish an exclusive right to sell Tiny Cloud products in any Authorized Reseller. For clarity, Tiny Cloud reserves the right to sell its products to any other person or business, without limitation.

Bulk Ordering

All Bulk Orders shall be made either by email or by direct message request on the official Tiny Cloud Instagram site.

Bulk Order Discount

  1. Tiny Cloud’s standard Bulk Order Discount is 25% off of then-current Listed Price. 
  2. A “Bulk Order” shall only include all orders with at least fifty (50) items. 
  3. The “Listed Price” will be the either: 
    1. the price of an item as listed on the Tiny Cloud website; or 
    2. the price presented in any quote for services sent directly by Tiny Cloud to an Authorized Reseller.
  4. Tiny Cloud reserves the right to modify the Bulk Order Discount at its sole discretion. No Authorized Reseller shall be entitled to a Bulk Order Discount. The application of the Bulk Order Discount shall be confirmed by Tiny Cloud in any quote for services issued pursuant to these terms and conditions.
  5. Bulk Order Discounts are non-transferrable and may not be combined with any other discount or offer made by Tiny Cloud.

Minimum Order Quantity

Only Bulk Orders will qualify for the Bulk Order Discount.

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

  1. On or about January  1, 2020 Tiny Cloud instituted a unilateral Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (“MAPP”) to ensure pricing consistency for the Advertised Price where Tiny Cloud products are marketed. The MAPP shall apply to all items manufactured or marketed by Tiny Cloud. 
  2. “Advertised Price” shall be defined as the actual retail price to an end-consumer displayed on any owned or operated website; physical location; online or digital catalogs; email advertisements; “click for price” advertisement; “call for price” advertisement; “add to cart for price” advertisement; social media Advertisement or banner; or similar Advertisement published online by either Tiny Cloud or any Authorized Reseller.

Advertising and Marketing

We strive to maintain a consistent identity throughout all presentations and communications, including items and materials developed by Tiny Cloud for or on behalf of any Authorized Reseller. 

Damaged or Defective Items

Authorized Resellers or Authorized Distributors with damaged or defective merchandise from a Domestic Shipment can, within ten (10) calendar days of the delivery date, notify Tiny Cloud to request a replacement for a defective product. 

Order Modifications

All potential modifications to Bulk Orders must be completed within the Shipping Window. The Shipping Window for any order shall be two (2) weeks after the date an order is placed. 

Bulk Order Payment

  1. Tiny Cloud will confirm an order as “accepted” only after 50% of the Bulk Order has been paid (“Bulk Order Deposit”). The remaining 50% of any Bulk Order shall be due prior to the date of delivery (the “Delivery Date”). 
  2. Tiny Cloud reserves the right to withhold delivery when payment for any Bulk Order has not been made pursuant to the terms of the quote for services. 
  3. Tiny Cloud accepts payment by cash or electronic payment by credit or debit card only. Personal checks are not accepted


  1. Tiny Cloud can deliver Bulk Orders in-person within Loop 610 (Houston, Texas) without charge a delivery. A standard per-mile fee will apply to orders outside of Loop 610 and within Grand Parkway (Highway 99). 
  2. All orders delivered to locations outside of Grand Parkway will be sent by USPS, UPS, or FedEx, at cost.